Saturday, August 27, 2016

Using the Wheel - 1

So far I have thrown four pots.  The pictures shown in this post is of my fourth pot.  Throughout this process of learning how to use the wheel I have learned and grown a lot.  By now I am able to center the clay really well, it isn't a struggle for me anymore.  The position in which I need to be in to center the clay feels a lot more comfortable and normal than it did when I threw my first pot.  I am also getting the hang of raising the walls which is very fortunate because at first that was definitely a challenge for me.  Although I have progressed quite a bit, I have faced some challenges and difficulties.  For instance, it is still quite a challenge for me to after I make the hole to make the bottom wider.  Also, it is quite tough to make sure the clay isn't too thick or thin.  I'm quite excited to continue to grow and learn and to overcome the challenges and difficulties I have while using the wheel.

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