Monday, August 10, 2015

Creative Coil Project - Process 1

For this project I started by preparing clay for my base.  When you prepare clay, you are supposed to roll it out and make it into a shape of a bull.  You continue that step for a few times, and once the clay is prepared you take it to the slab roller.  The slab roller flattens out a piece of clay and makes it thin or thick, depending on what you want.  After I finished, I cut my flat piece of clay into a circle because I wanted my base to be a circular.  After that I used the extruder, which is a machine that makes coils.  After I got the coils I needed I started to make my vase.  I did that by blending the coils together to get the shape and smoothness I wanted.  Here is a picture to show where I am right now:

This is the extruder:

This is the slab roller:

1 comment:

  1. Great start, Lexi!
    It would be nice to have a picture of both slab roller and extruder to illustrate your post.
    You are doing well on following your design, are you following your measurements?? How did you make the pot get narrower at this point?
    It is nice to know the steps you are taking in order to follow your design!
    Keep it up!
    Ms Ariani