Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Analysis - Creative Coil Project

For this project we were able to make what ever we wanted using coils.  But, we had to make sure there was movement in our piece and that it looked creative and unique.
I finished my vase last class and this is what it ended up looking like:

I think that I met the criteria because I did what was asked.  I made sure there was movement by making the vase come in a little bit then going back out.  I also made my vase look unique by adding different sizes of swirl coils along the back of the vase.  
I did have challenges will making my vase.  At first I forgot to measure my vase so my measurements were off.  I solved that problem by taking a few coils off of it to make it match my original measurements.  Another challenge I had was that at the beginning I intended to have a braid made out of coils on the top of my vase.  But, after I made the braid I realised that my braid was to heavy on the vase and it didn't look how I wanted it too. 
If I could do this assignment again I would add more movement to my vase, so that it could look more unique.  I would also try to be more creative and think of something else to add to it rather than just swirl coils.  
I really liked this project because my vase turned out how I wanted it to.  

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  1. Well done, Lexi! You were able to follow your plan quite accurately and met the criteria expected. You forgot to mention that texture and/or pattern was also part of the criteria, which you were able to achieve by adding the coil swirls.
    Your project looks great and I think it's quite original and unique!