Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Core Value Reflection

I think I have shown the most success in the core value responsible.  Because through everything I have done throughout this quarter I feel like I am very responsible.  I get everything done I need to get done, and I do what I'm told.  I feel like I also act with integrity and honesty, which is very important in our school community.
I think I have shown the most progress in the core value curious because I feel like I am more involved now then I was at the beginning of the year.  I now better understand how to be curious.  I need to be able to commit to learning, and I need to be able to want to learn and do new things in order to accomplish the core value curious.  By being curious, it really helps you get a better grasp on whatever you may be learning and doing.
The most challenging core value to me is risk-taker because when I try to explore new things, it is hard for me to be able to stay in that area whatever it might be.  I feel like if I risk-take I will make a mistake in the process, so I am sometimes scared to risk-take.  But now I feel a little bit better about trying out new things, and new situations.  Being able to be a risk-taker will definitely help me throughout my life.  So that means I need to get over my fear of making mistakes, and just being a risk-taker instead.
I think each and everyone of our core values here at school, are very important.  They can make an impact on your life if you choose to take charge in them.  I think that learning about the core values here at Graded, really helped me through my first quarter in school.  And will definitely help me throughout the rest of the year, and the years ahead of me.

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