Monday, September 29, 2014

This I Believe

Lexi Farnes
Mrs. Hancock
Humanities block 3.8
September 10, 2014

Hard Work Pays Off
Ever since I was little, I have believed in hard work.  Hard work is something that determines who you really are.  Too often in life we let opportunities pass, and we cannot let that happen.  We need to take advantage of those opportunities.  About two years ago, I was preparing to play my first tennis tournament.  I worked very hard, I practiced with my team, and on my own a lot.  I wanted to prove that if you work hard, results will come.  I won my first match, and was very confident for the next one; I could even smell the energy in the air.  The next match, I was ready.  As I stood facing my opponent, I gripped my racket with my sweaty palms, and was anticipating another win.  I won that match and was on to the finals.  I practiced, and practiced, and practiced.  When the match was about to begin, I stared my opponent down.  The sound of the ball getting hit by the tennis racket, was intense like a thunder storm.  To taste the numbers of the score coming out of my mouth was nerve racking.  But the hard work payed off, and I knew it would.  I won my very first tennis tournament!  If you work hard, good things will happen.
This I believe.
The famous athlete Jerry Rice, once said,  “Today I will do what others won’t so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.”  I think it is very important that in life we work harder and harder each day, so we can accomplish more and more.  What is the point in life if nothing gets accomplished?  This is where hard work comes into play.  You need to be able to push yourself to the limit, so all the effort will pay off.  Too often in life we let opportunities pass, we need to take advantage of every moment of every day.
This I believe.
Sometimes in life we forget that hard work makes us stronger.  You need to know that there is ALWAYS something we need to be working hard for.  So now is your chance to really focus on this, and to push yourself to do better than your best.  To WORK HARD.  What you put into things, is what you get out of them.
This I believe

How can one express a belief that connects or transforms an audience?
I believe that one can express their belief, by sharing their own personal experiences. I think that if they share their own experience, the audience will be connected or transformed. When other people share their own personal experiences, it really makes me feel more connected with what they are sharing. It makes me think further.

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